How to change a stoma bag

For all who would like to learn how to change a stoma bag – here is a great video posted on YouTube. If you like it – do not hesitate to enter a comment with big Thank You for the author for being so brave and wanting to educate others.

“Colostomy bags didn’t control me or define who I am.” – stoma bag is not the end of the world

I hope that this history will inspire all of you. A former model openly shares her thoughts on what does it mean for her to have a stoma bag. Since early childhood, because of Crohn’s disease, she had to use colostomy bags. She was afraid to share bikini pictures even with her closest friends, but her perception changed over time. Now she is proudly posting pictures in social media. She claims, that she feelsĀ confident enough now to put herself out there and pursue modeling again. Click here for the whole story…


stoma bag model picture